Kungfu Rick Songtexte

Gründung 1996, Auflösung 2003

Motivation To Abuse (Compilation)

Fragments Of The Past Time (Compilation)

Disc 1

  1. Smoke Stacks...
  2. ... Panic Attacks
  3. Culture Shock Diagnostics
  4. Read Write Head
  5. Red Shirt White Shirt Bleu Shirt Torn
  6. Zero Exit Personalities
  7. Online Journals and Bathroom Urinals
  8. Coming to an End
  9. Labor Levitation Break
  10. Small Outlooks for Small Worlds
  11. Pill People
  12. ... And Nothingness
  13. Sweet Social Setbacks
  14. Paper Apartments And Paper People
  15. Statues To Stones, Soldiers To Bones
  16. Meditative Man Thinking
  17. The Caucasian Persuasion
  18. Tuning In On The Tuning Peg
  19. A Solid Dent In Public Pavement
  20. Plain Popular Pollution
  21. Blackout: Blackin
  22. Convenient Store Conversation
  23. Alarming New Contamination
  24. Don't Piss Down My Leg And Tell Me It Is Raining
  25. A Hardcore Cliche
  26. Houston We Have Made Eye Contact
  27. We'll Treat You How We Weren't Treated
  28. Freedom Youth Check
  29. Life Is Cheap When You Think About It
  30. What Has Happened
  31. Kfr (All Funked Up)
  32. No Choices Give No Answers / Meditative Man Thinking / Smoke Stacks... / ... Panic Attacks (Live)
  33. Motivation To Abuse / Culture Shock Diagnostics / A Hardcore Cliche / 1000 Knuckles Rubbing / Throw Your Complaints In A Box (Live)
  34. So Much More / The Crumbling / Right Time At The Wrong Place / Death To Electronic Music (Live)
  35. ... And Nothingness / Show Me The Ways Almighty One / The Dating Game / Public Smoking Banishment (Live)

Disc 2

  1. So Much More
  2. And Violence Lost
  3. On My Way to Seize the Day
  4. A Competitive Face
  5. Pasted Into Place
  6. No Choices Give No Answers
  7. 1000 Knuckles Rubbing
  8. Motivation to Abuse
  9. The Crumbling...
  10. Throw Your Complaints in a Box
  11. Filtered Information
  12. Fragments Of The Past Time
  13. Right Time at the Wrong Place
  14. The Dating Game
  15. Show Me The Ways Almighty One
  16. Double Standard
  17. The Importance Of Advocating Key Social Issues
  18. Public Smoking Banishment
  19. Class Inclusion
  20. Taking For Granted What's Allready Gone
  21. Death To Electronic Music (Techno Still Sucks)
  22. Blank Stare
  23. Incineration Of Every Clock On This Earth
  24. Better Than You
  25. Footprints On The Sidewalk
  26. Death To Electronic Music (Techno Sucks)
  27. Seniority
  28. Still Handcuffed to the Social Life
  29. The Threat of Being Liked
  30. Tomorrow the World Will End
  31. Abandon
  32. Folded by Jealousy
  33. A Shot to the Aim
  34. Three Years to the Day
  35. Inhuman Trust
  36. Recurrence
  37. Disregard The Fakes
  38. Made in Majority
  39. Unwritten Lies
  40. If I Cared What You Thought

Coming to an End


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