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Nintendo Sound History Series: Zelda The Music (Compilation)

  1. Disk System Theme
  2. Title BGM
  3. Overworld BGM
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Underground BGM
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Death Mountain BGM
  6. Game Over
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Flute
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Treasure Chest Catch Fanfare
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Catch Fanfare
  10. Ganon's Appearance and Defeat Fanfare
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Zelda Rescued Fanfare
  12. The Legend of Zelda: Ending Theme
  13. Link's Adventure: Title BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  14. Overworld BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  15. Link's Adventure: Battle BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  16. Link's Adventure: Flute BGM 1 (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  17. Link's Adventure: Village BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  18. Indoors BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  19. Flute BGM 2 (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  20. Link's Adventure: Temple BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  21. Link's Adventure: Boss (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  22. Temple Clear (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  23. Link's Adventure: Level Up (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  24. Link's Adventure: Game Over (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  25. Great Temple (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  26. Last Boss (Dark Link) (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  27. Link's Adventure: Fanfare (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  28. Link's Adventure: Princess Zelda (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  29. Ending (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  30. Title BGM (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  31. Link's Adventure: Battle BGM (USA) (von Akito Nakatsuka)
  32. Zelda: Opening
  33. Opening (demo)
  34. Normal Overworld
  35. Master Sword (demo)
  36. A Link to the Past: Alternate Overworld
  37. Ocarina of Time: Title
  38. Hyrule Field Main Theme
  39. Ocarina of Time: Lon Lon Ranch
  40. Ocarina of Time: Lost Woods
  41. Princess Zelda's Apperance
  42. Princess Zelda's Theme
  43. Majora's Mask: Title (demo)
  44. Majora's Mask: Termina Field
  45. Majora's Mask: Ocarina "Song of Soaring"
  46. Mayor's House Council Room
  47. Majora's Mask: Mid Boss Battle (von Toru Minegishi)
  48. Majora's Mask: Cremia's Wagon
  49. Majora's Mask to the Moon
  50. Staff Roll
  51. Title
  52. Wind Waker: Granny
  53. Wind Waker: Departure
  54. Great Ocean
  55. Wind Waker: Get Master Sword
  56. Wind Waker: Hero of the Wind
  57. Ending
  58. Field BGM
  59. The Four Swords: Dungeon BGM
  60. The Four Swords: Overworld BGM
  61. The Four Swords: Hyrule Castle BGM
  62. Village of the Blue Maiden (Before the Puzzle Solving)
  63. The Four Swords: Village of the Blue Maiden (After the Puzzle Solving)
  64. The Four Swords: Sky BGM
  65. The Four Swords: Temple BGM
  66. Wind Palace BGM
  67. Clear Fanfare
  68. The Four Swords: Shadow Link Battle BGM
  69. Boss Battle BGM
  70. The Legend of Zelda Theme Melody


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