Kevin and the Bikes Songtexte
Intellectual Bean-Spill

Gründung am 31. Oktober 2014

Dorkcore 101

  1. Good Family Values
  2. Kevin Domination
  3. 12345678
  4. N-E-E-D-L-L-L-L-L-E-L-L-E-L-E-S-S-L-E-S
  5. Burdy Dorky
  6. Kevin Podcast 1
  7. Walk the Plank
  8. The Old Abandoned House is Somewhere I Don't Wanna Be
  9. The Indestructible Fruitcake
  10. Why Are There No Minorities on This Fucking Show?
  11. You're Nazz
  12. My Sh--Bike
  13. Ed Edd n Eddy
  14. I Got Tetanus From Playing in The Junkyard
  15. kevin asmr
  16. The Eds Start a Band
  17. Dork
  18. Urban Rangers Theme
  19. 88 Fingers Edward
  20. The Kanker Sisters Gave Me Cankers
  21. We Are a Family Friendly Band
  22. The Entire Plot of Ed Edd n Eddy Summarized Into One Sentence
  23. My Bike is Better Than Nazz
  24. Kevin Podcast 2
  25. Mondo A-Go Go (Fuck Yourself Because Eddy’s Brother is an Asshole)
  26. My Bike is Damn Fast
  27. Dorktology
  28. I Got Ran Over By Rolf's Tractor (But I'm Okay)
  29. Still Kevin
  30. Kevin's Theme
  31. My Kevin Addiction Doesn't Appeal to Most of My Friends
  32. The Kankers
  33. Eddy's Older Brother is a Child Batterer
  34. Jimmy's House Is Where It's At
  35. Chunky Puffs
  36. I Cried In Smileyville
  37. I Can't Find My Hat
  38. Square Dancers From the Outer Reaches
  39. Kevin Has Diarrhea
  40. Fuck Jimmy
  41. The Masked Mumbler Beats the Shit out of Stone Cold Steve Austin
  42. Ed's IQ is 155 How
  44. First the Cul-De-Sac, Then the World
  45. I Admire the Bike So Much
  46. Eddy Became a Meth Head
  47. Fuck Any Dork
  48. Mr. Yum Yum FUCKING DIES
  49. Ride (Sour Patch Kids)
  50. Kevin Podcast 3
  51. Dorks are Lame
  52. Kevin
  53. We're Failing At Life (But We Still Respect Kevin)
  54. Dork Chase
  55. Blonde
  56. What if There Were No Dorks
  57. I'm Not Gonna Gave My Jawbreakers Away
  58. Plank Violated Me
  59. Me and Not Johnny
  60. I Think Rolf is a Muslim Extremist
  61. Into the Dork Void
  62. Kevin (Almost) Becomes a Dork
  63. Dorks Are Evil
  64. Kevin Podcast 4
  65. Pumped Up Eds
  66. Ed Has ED
  67. Kevin is Heaven
  68. I Wanna Quit the Football Team
  69. Bikini Babes Magazine
  70. (Interlude (For)) Dork (In Nighttime) (While Asleep (P.S.) (I'm Gay))
  71. Bikini Babes Magazine (Acoustic)
  72. Don't Tread On Me (Instead, On Those Three)
  73. Jonny 2x4 Fixes Kevin's Laptop
  74. What’s Under Double D’s Hat (Hint, It’s Weed)
  75. 4:33
  76. Kevin Podcast 5
  77. Bikini Babes Magazine (Free Jazz Version)
  78. Kevin Likes to Torture Rolf's Farm Animals
  79. I Found a Decomposing Body in the Junkyard (I Think it Was Kevin’s)
  80. Eddy's Dick
  81. The Jawbreaker Factory
  82. Helping Out Rolf on His Farm
  83. Where's All the Adults in Peach Creek
  84. You're Dead
  85. Stuck in Purgatory
  86. The Lane Never Ends
  87. The Eds Haven’t Been Trying to Buy Actual Jawbreakers This Whole Time, They’ve Been Trying to Buy Records From the 1990s Emo Band “Jawbreaker” But They’re Too Dumb to Realize That A CD Doesn’t Cost 25 FUCKING CENTS
  88. Jimmy's Gay
  89. Summertime With Nazz
  90. Bike Ride
  91. I Dream of Kevin
  92. Soundtrack to Kevin Falling Off of His Bike for the 1806th Time
  93. I’m Tired of Seeing All These Fucking Ed Edd n Eddy AMVs on YouTube All the Damn Time
  94. I Fucking Hate My Friends, They Don't Understand My Love for the Eds
  95. Kevin's Bike Got Destroyed
  96. Kevin, You're Gonna Be Someone Someday
  97. Why is There a Shit Ton of Double D Rule 34
  98. It's Been Ten Years and I'm Still Thirteen
  99. You Hate Dorks
  100. Dedorkinization
  101. Kevin Moves Out of Peach Creek


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