Halloween II (Soundtrack)

Halloween III: Season of the Witch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

John Carpenter's Escape From New York (Soundtrack)

They Live (Soundtrack)

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  1. Up the Wall Airforce #1
  2. The Bank Robbery
  3. 'Prison Introduction'
  4. Over the Wall - Air Force One
  5. He's Still Alive - Romero
  6. 'Snake' Plissken
  7. Orientation
  8. Tell Him
  9. Across The Road
  10. Descent Into New York
  11. Back to the Pod [Version #1]
  12. Don't Go Down There
  13. Back to the Pod [Version #2] - The Crazies Come Out
  14. 'I Heard You Were Dead!'
  15. 'You Are The Duke of New York'
  16. The Duke Arrives - Barricade
  17. President at the Train
  18. Who Are You
  19. Police Action
  20. Romero and the President
  21. 69th Street Bridge
  22. 'The Name Is Plissken'
  23. Snake Shake - End Credits
  24. Mr. Sandman
  25. "Prison Introduction"
  26. "I Heard You Were Dead!"
  27. "You Are the Duke of New York"
  28. "The Name Is Plissken"
  29. Here Come the Storms
  30. The Storms
  31. Big Trouble in Little China
  32. Back to the Pod (version #1)
  33. Dragon Eyes
  34. Lo Pans Domain - Looking for a Girl
  35. He's Still Alive / Romero
  36. Tenement - White Tiger
  37. Abduction at Airport
  38. The Duke Arrives / Barricade
  39. Prologue
  40. The Great Arcade
  41. Hide
  42. The Alley (War)
  43. Pork Chop Express (main Title)
  44. Wing Kong Exchange
  45. Call the Police
  46. Over the Wall / Air Force One
  47. Back to the Pod (version #2) / The Crazies Come Out
  48. The Final Escape (Lo Pans Demise - Getaway)
  49. Stingers Montage
  50. The Alley (Procession)
  51. Escape From Wing Kong
  52. Across the Roof
  53. Snake Shake
  54. Into the Spirit Path
  55. Goodbye Jack
  56. Friends of Yours - Escape Iron Basis
  57. Local Boy, No Way
  58. It Will Be Morning Soon
  59. The Man Who Killed
  60. I Think It's Time
  61. A Pleasure Doing Business
  62. Where Is She?
  63. Halloween III Close/Open
  64. Hey Boom
  65. Mask Test Tone
  66. The Factory
  67. I Do Love a Good Joke
  68. Stonehenge
  69. I Really Love This
  70. Backto the Pod - Version #1
  71. Back to the Pod - Version #2 / The Crazies Come Out
  72. Over the Wall / Airforce One
  73. Halloween II Suite B
  74. Halloween II Suite C
  75. Halloween II Suite A
  76. Halloween II Suite F
  77. Halloween II Suite D
  78. Halloween II Suite E
  79. Escape From New York "Main Title"


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