Geboren am 14. Oktober 1894, Gestorben am 03. September 1962


  1. plato told
  2. open his head,baby
  3. as freedom is a breakfastfood
  4. love is more thicker than forget
  5. because you take life in your stride(instead
  6. except in your
  7. no time ago
  8. a salesman is an it that stinks Excuse
  9. when serpents bargain for the right to squirm
  10. this is a rubbish of human rind
  11. now air is air and thing is thing:no bliss
  12. this little bride & groom are
  13. Buffalo Bill's
  14. who were so dark of heart they might not speak,
  15. who sharpens every dull
  16. so many selves(so many fiends and gods
  17. dying in fine)but Death
  18. you which could grin three smiles into a dead
  19. rain or hail
  20. jake hates
  21. crazy jay blue)
  23. pity this busy monster,manunkind
  24. when god decided to invent
  25. Spring is like a perhaps hand
  26. i sing of Olaf glad and big
  27. my father moved through dooms of love
  28. all ignorance toboggans into know
  29. ("fire stop thief help murder save the world"
  30. nothing false and possible is love
  31. of all the blessings which to man
  32. one's not half two. It's two are halves of one:
  33. "next to of course god america i
  34. somewhere I have never travelled,gladly beyond
  35. one slipslouch twi
  36. in just-
  38. anyone lived in a pretty how town
  39. a man who had fallen among thieves
  40. So shy shy shy(and with a
  41. when faces called flowers float out of the ground
  42. Hello is what a mirror says
  43. What If A Much Of A Which Of A Wind (One Times One)
  44. I Say No World (50 Poems)
  45. When Faces Called Flowers Float Out Of The Ground (XAIPE)
  46. Eimi (Lenin's Tomb)
  47. Who Were So Dark Of Heart They Might Not Speak (XAIPE)
  48. Him (The Acrobat Passage)
  49. Life Is More True Than Reason Will Deceive (One Times One)
  50. True Lovers In Each Happening Of Their Hearts (One Times One)
  51. Why Must Itself Up Every Of A Park (XAIPE)
  52. "Sweet Spring Is Your (50 Poems)
  53. One’s Not Half Two. It’s Two Are Halves Of One (One Times One)
  54. Yes Is A Pleasant Country: (One Times One)
  55. I Thank You God For Most This Amazing (XAIPE)
  56. Santa Claus (Scene Three)
  57. Hello Is What A Mirror Says (One Times One)
  58. Nothing False And Possible Is Love (One Times One)
  59. Hate Blows A Bubble Of Despair Into (50 Poems)
  60. When God Decided To Invent (One Times One)
  61. Dying Is Fine) But Death (XAIPE)
  62. When Serpents Bargain For The Right To Squirm (XAIPE)
  63. O By The By (One Times One)


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