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The Singles Collection (Compilation)

  1. Suzie Baby
  2. Flyin’ High (von Bobby Vee & The Shadows)
  3. What Do You Want
  4. My Love Loves Me
  5. One Last Kiss
  6. Laurie (von Bobby Vee & The Shadows)
  7. Devil or Angel
  8. Since I Met You Baby
  9. Rubber Ball
  10. Everyday
  11. Stayin' In
  12. More Than I Can Say Deutsche Übersetzung von Bobby Vee - More Than I Can Say
  13. How Many Tears
  14. Baby Face
  15. Take Good Care of My Baby Deutsche Übersetzung von Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby
  16. Bashful Bob
  17. Run to Him Deutsche Übersetzung von Bobby Vee - Run to Him
  18. Walkin' With My Angel
  19. Please Don't Ask About Barbara
  20. I Can't Say Goodbye
  21. Sharing You
  22. In My Baby's Eyes
  23. At a Time Like This
  24. All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me
  25. A Forever Kind of Love
  26. Punish Her
  27. Someday
  28. Christmas Vacation
  29. A Not So Merry Christmas
  30. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (von Bobby Vee With The Johnny Mann Singers)
  31. Anonymous Phone Call (von Bobby Vee With The Johnny Mann Singers)
  32. Charms
  33. Bobby Tomorrow
  1. A Letter From Betty
  2. Be True to Yourself
  3. Never Love a Robin
  4. Armen's Theme (Yesterday and You)
  5. Stranger in Your Arms
  6. 1963
  7. I'll Make You Mine
  8. She's Sorry
  9. Hickory, Dick, and Doc
  10. I Wish You Were Mine Again
  11. How to Make a Farewell
  12. Where Is She
  13. Every Little Bit Hurts
  14. Pretend You Don't See Her
  15. Cross My Heart
  16. This Is the End
  17. Keep on Trying
  18. You Won't Forget Me
  19. True Love Never Runs Smooth
  20. Run Like The Devil
  21. Take a Look Around Me
  22. High Coin
  23. The Story of My Life
  24. A Girl I Used to Know
  25. Gone
  26. Butterfly
  27. Save a Love
  28. Look at Me Girl
  29. Here Today
  30. Before You Go
  31. Come Back When You Grow Up
  32. That's All in the Past
  1. Swahili Serenade
  2. Beautiful People
  3. I May Be Gone
  4. Maybe Just today
  5. You're a Big Girl Now
  6. My Girl-Hey Girl
  7. Just Keep It Up (And See What Happens)
  8. Do What You Gotta Do
  9. Thank You
  10. (I'm Into Lookin' for) Someone to Love Me
  11. Jenny Came to Me
  12. Santa Cruz
  13. Let's Call It a Day Girl
  14. I'm Gonna Make It Up to You
  15. Electric Trains and You
  16. In and Out of Love
  17. Woman in My Life
  18. No Obligations
  19. Sweet Sweetheart
  20. Rock and Roll Music and You
  21. Signs
  22. Something to Say
  23. Take Good Care of My Baby (acoustic) Deutsche Übersetzung von Bobby Vee - Take Good Care of My Baby
  24. Every Opportunity
  25. Well Alright
  26. Something Has Come Between Us
  27. Ama Chi Vuoi (Run to Him)
  28. L' a Detto a Me (She's Sorry)
  29. Charms (Sung in Italian)
  30. Torna Quando Sarai Diventa Ta Grande (Come Back When You Grow Up)


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