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Sing mal wieder Lyrics Übersetzung

When the air flows from the lungs to the larynx,
if the vocal cord system closes everything well,
if the vocal folds lumber with you until they swing properly,
The process is generally referred to as 'singing'.
The larynx is the tone generator,
The vocal cords are to a certain extent the vibrator.
Over sixty muscles give gas here,
but the very best: Singing is fun!

Sing again -
Bach chorales, pop or children's songs!
Sing (sing along)!
Band or choir,
or sing you something in the shower.
Sing if you lose!
Singing always helps. But only if you try it.
Sing (sing along)!
Even if you win,
Sing even when everyone thinks you're crazy.

Who can not sing well - well, he sings loud,
because the main thing is that you dare something.
Only fumble with blinders? What is that supposed to achieve?
Just relax and start singing!
If you sing, you can relax without worry,
because bad people just do not know good songs.
Singing, that opens the door and the door.
And some people even get money for it ...

Sing again -
Rock, Punk, Soul or Christmas songs!
Sing (sing along),
Singing is healthy!
Open your ears and use your mouth.
Sing if you win!
Sing when everyone thinks you're crazy.
Sing (sing along)!
Even if you lose
Sing your frustration away before you explode.

Sing in the stadium,
sing in the hair salon,
sing in the queue,
sing in spite of dental pliers!
Sing in the sunset,
sing on the sailboat,
sing, if you travel spontaneously,
sing, unless you're Dieter Bohlen!
Sing, when you're at a baptism,
sing, when the baptism has already passed,
sing for promotion,
sing at a funeral!

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