Meine heiße Liebe deutsche Übersetzung
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Meine heiße Liebe Lyrics Übersetzung

You are the first thing I think of in the morning
The only one who I've given all my love for years
You help me through the day
This is the first time that I'm telling you this
I love you and your black humor
Your temperament seems so Latin-American to me
You make my heart race
Sometimes I even have to blow
Because you're much too hot...

My steamy love:
My cup of coffee!
When I see you in the morning
I'm still mostly in a coma
But then I smell your aroma
I'm already fresh and alert
And outside the sun goes back down
Good morning, steamy love!

On TV they lovingly call you "the coronation"
For me you are much more: your caffeine is the total rumbling
The unquestioned purity
And my stomach mucous membrane
Is as exactly as gone as I
Sometimes I mix you with sour cream
Then suddenly you become chalk-white and pale, and I suspect:
Sour cream becomes clumpy
And that's why you looks so grumpy
And I toss you in the toilet

My steamy love...

I drink you in Amsterdam, New York, and in Berlin
Milk and sugar (or without) but only with caffeine
You are not good for me, but good for my adrenaline.

My steamy love....

Dallmayer, Tchibo, Jacobs "Café Au Lait"
Are ok, but I prefer third world coffee
It costs more, but it's fair, as far as I see
In thirty years I'll hopefully be a grandpa
And then I'll go by train across Europe
And every hour drink a big pot of Mitropa
Ich trinke dich in Amsterdam.....

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