Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne deutsche Übersetzung
von Udo Jürgens

Zeig mir den Platz an der Sonne Lyrics Übersetzung

Deep in my heart flutters quietly
A little pretty butterfly
It flies away in loneliness
When I start thinking about my dreams
I see a place so far away
Where love exists and tenderness

Show me the place below the sun
Where every body likes his next
Where love is sun and always sun
Which shines so bright and never ends

Who cares about his neighbours pains?
Who helps his next with somje good deeds?
We have strong latches on our hearts
And barbed wire around our souls
So I'am still looking for this place
Where peace exists and humaness

zuletzt bearbeitet von Ullrich (Umkalaibo) am 16. Dezember 2017, 13:28

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