Du und ich gegen den Rest der Welt deutsche Übersetzung
von Udo Jürgens

Du und ich gegen den Rest der Welt Lyrics Übersetzung

When you ask about tomorrow
and keeping quiet is the answer,
while they measure the way there
in fake goals.

And when you must scream,
when they otherwise forget you,
then I can understand well,
if you are in despair.

Yet if we want to live,
then it must happen.
Haven't you seen the light
at the horizon.

Don't you think
it isn't time
to do things
they will later regret.

You and me against the rest of the world,
the grey colours of every days are in the way.
Right now - everyday counts.
You and me against the rest of the world.

The change is always there,
we are never completely alone.
Just let our courage be
the other's shock.

We have long enough
only been watching,
being bothered by
fear and talk of fainting

The world isn't ours,
she has just been lend.
And every first step
is a new beginning.

Don't you as well think
was wonderful
going against the rays
of the sun...

You and me against the rest....

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