Gott vs. Satan deutsche Übersetzung
von Schwarzer Engel

Gott vs. Satan Lyrics Übersetzung

Run - while you can.
Flee - save yourself, pray, rush.
The fear gave me power.
I brought the war to you.
The Gods are fighting, Earth is the battlefield.
All that still remains shall be destroyed.

The fight for power.
The fight for glory.
Lust, honour, sanctuary.
Like Gods, we shall be united soon
in ashes, dust, and eternity.
God vs. Satan.

Kneel when the executioner comes.
Beg him to spare you.
Drop into the dust before him
when he looks at you from above,
when he passes by you
and gives you love with his strikes.
Like Gods, you shall be mourned and honoured.
One, or two, or three of you, you live on others' blood.

Fold your hands, pray for the end.
So that this battle
would end well for you.
On battleships, galleys,
they come with great armies,
in great numbers, to save the empire.
The battle of the most powerful forces rages on for days and nights.
Titans in the sea, giants on galleys.

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