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von Punnany Massif

Nekem neked Lyrics Übersetzung

I'm so, you so or other, no matter what the end
We were and we will be a different role
more truth matter how you look at
the approach that megöregítenek
A thought our controls, I believe that targeting vascular
But tomorrow we fall we are today was a role model
Consciousness is idealizing
, hesitating to and fro We cling to it, even if it is barely standing

I have more at ease when I see it is that you give
them for their life a gift that someone needs you
I think it is fate, which gives it and takes
you believe that you control and not eresztessz me
we're hurting to kill the washer with
you you consciously say we are in an evolutionary circle
Honor matters here, but not the same depth
you give your life as you promised
No? to attack people he can land his son
but if you do not do it he will kill me
today for me is to scream at dawn to fit into
You can not do it for yourself, your kid
hurts me that you love me, that exclusion makes
you hurt that you love, that they let go
For me, fearful of heights the depth
you can only believe it when you have top to bottom it looked
not expect glamor, uninteresting splendor
You deserve it, but my life is not so was
too quick sprint to the rapid world
Do you who passes the tempo certainly benefit
I've feared how it will be, you have a sure future
I am careful don't hurt, you are more of a pioneer

There is nothing but feeling, there are words in action

I nest with you, you create peace

I like this, you are different no matter what end
we were and we will be a different role
more truth matter how you look at
the approach that megöregítenek
a thought our controls, I believe that will be delivered
But tomorrow we fall today was a role model
idealized consciousness, back and forth trucks
insist, even if it is just

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