Life in the Streets deutsche Übersetzung
von Prince Ital Joe

Life in the Streets Lyrics Übersetzung

Marky Mark intro: Ha, yeah. I know what you're all thinking
That this is some old Janet Jackson type of @#! but it ain't about that
This if the real, the street life trauma
Yo, I grew up rough in the streets of Boston, Masterjuices
Lived real ruthless, a wild shid, out to get a hit
Did some #@! that he never shoulda did
Had to learn the hard waythat some day you gotta pay
So what the hey, I say
Prince Ital Joe: Life in the streets is so easy
All I see is pain and misery
I kneel and pray for the betrayed
Strength and protection to survive in the society
This is the life in the streets Jane

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