Pank deutsche Übersetzung
von Nina Hagen Band

Pank Lyrics Übersetzung

No you can’t oppress me
Though you’re trying all the time
You know I think you’re one brick short of a full load
That’s too much for me and I’m fed up with it

You want me to be like all the rest
No no
Old pig
You don’t realize I’m different
Beat it
You fool of crub
I won’t tolerate this any more
The girls being the sexy sadies
They are the mother for the dust
And cats have sharp claws
I don’t wash your smelly socks
Don’t touch me
I’ll do without your pocks
I won’t give you children for your entertainment
I’ll rather have powder, comb and lipstick ready
Then I’ll walk the streets with Mother Houlda
In a nutshell I find you disgusting
I’m not your fuckmachine
Jerk, jerk that’s a joke
Honey we have to part
Ciao cio
You old pig
Get it?

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Cathrin Wunsch000170

Noch nicht einmal von meiner Casette die Übersetzung nonsexmonkrock kostenlos?! Immer weniger Rente?

Wer ist kein deutscher Rapper?