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Comes the moment when
The last bus you were waiting for has left
Comes the moment when
It’s looking like that nothing’s making sense
At some time in our life
You can bet the moment comes
When it seems the ground I stand on
Is totally in flames
But then the moment comes,
When I know
That I’m definitely alive.

Get up and get right together
When the sun has stopped to shine
Get up and learn how to laugh
It does NOT make sense to whine
Get up and dance till the morning
‘Cause ev’ry night comes to an end
And then your whole life’s awaking
And nearly ev’rything is new and fresh again

Comes the moment when
all eyes are on you
and you’re facing questions
Comes the moment when
It seems like there is no more way to run away
At some time in your life
You can bet the moment comes
When the last backdoor
Is closed with no more place to run


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