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Kreuzritter Lyrics Übersetzung

For our doings are known
the knights sent by god
The sword hold in the right hand
Our reputation runs ahead while we convert country by country

I'm a Crusader and i just fight for your freedom
If you don't know me im a knight of malevolence

If someone don't recognized the might of my authority
it was his corpse that was found at the river in the morning
And if a kid wore foreign runes around his neck
it was my sword that cut its skull down

Those who don't lower their head infront of god
will be hanged tomorrow morning
Cause on Blasphemy
stands based on the word of god to the extermination.

The biggest fun for me is
if they start to defend theirselves
Then i may push their heads under
the cold water till their die
But it's much more nicer
to rape their daughters
rush em all into a building
to burn it down after.

I hate it, if the peoples choose the suicide
before i am able to make em suffer to death
If you wish to live longer, join me
becouse else i can't grant you anything
I want you to kneel down and kiss the dirt on my greaves
I'm a crusader and i know what's the best for you
If you refuse i will hunt you down
so you may lay down to the other corpses there

I'm a crusader and don't know mercy
I'm a crusader and murderer ... Amen

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