Gotteskrieger deutsche Übersetzung
von Nachtblut

Gotteskrieger Lyrics Übersetzung

Those who are doing war
strive for decay
their price shall be that they gonna crucified

Cut down alternately
their feets, their hands - don't show mercy
chase em away out of the country

The forbidden months are gone
''God is great'' blares out in the wind

A Sandstorm roars, takes my sight
My scimitar flashs in the Sunlight

Kill those who don't believe
no matter if old, female or child

For each who aren't pure in heart
the hell will be their new home

There is a young kafir, just doing his duty
the hands in shackles, tears filling his face

He shouts for his mother, loud as he can
And flatters me with words like:
"you are a good man"

A roaring laugher he is exposed to
while my scimitar is biting its way through his throat

Shreds, that were once his neck, hanging down on him
His screams just only warm air, that press his blood away

So another life has left this world
we act right becouse its written this way

We hate freedom we fight in the mist and
in the shadow of the past

I smile into your face
deep from my heart i curse you
My lord is the blacksmith
Cause we are blind, he watch for us

Wet basement walls let the seed flourish
The virgins flesh coated,
becouse you hide what you stained.

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