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von Marius Müller‐Westernhagen

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From the other side

Good day, I am Gerti from the GDR
On the other side, I've been a great star,
Now I've got a West German record deal
Since over there you never get very far
With my completely developed socialist posture
I'm naturally opposed to separation
In the first place my songs are really critical
Since my target group is political
The alternatives, they really like to listen to me
I am Gerti, from East Germany

I sing against nuclear power and all this shite
Which makes me feel quite as if I'm Joan Baez
Of course you can't change much just with songs
That I admit freely, especially when I'm on the air
And I can sing, I learned that on the other side

I'm healthily artless, the "Stern" wrote so as well
And I'm getting an award from the academy
Almost like it was on our side, only there I never got it
This will make them look real stupid, the gents over there
I am Gerti, from East Germany

I still have a sister, over there in Leipzig
I call her often, since I'm not stingy
I told her she should make it over here like I did
She has a good body and can dance real well
Since here there is enough for everyone
I do the songwriter number and she can be disco star
And when she'll be here, we'll go over to Biermann
And we'll call the boys who are industry bigshots
Since gals like you, they'll be always happy to take on

"Good Day, I am Helga, from the GDR"

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