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von M Huncho

Pee Pee Lyrics Übersetzung

Back in full effect, baby
Yeah, we out here
Still grinding, hustling for too long
It's payday, fellas!
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

I've been hustling for too long
Hoping that it all pays off
Throw my foot down on the pedal
And trust me it goes off
Order my wrist, order my shit, order some tea
If I said it wasn't me would you believe me
Bought a new whip so I cruise and watch the TV
Came a long way from the PC burning CD's
When I bust my nut I go and take a pee pee
Do a check up on my name go check my CV
These rappers really wanna be me, they can't be me
And I find it very creepy, ain't that creepy
I'm in this pussy and it's feeling very creamy

I have to leave her and this girl just don't want leave me

I face my challenges with faith
Thinking when I catch a break
Save the kit I take a break to the base and now I'm safe
Gucci poncho like a cape
I'm a hero in this game
I ain't stopping for nobody, gotta catch another pla

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