Mitad y mitad Übersetzung
von Kase.O

Mitad y mitad Songtext Übersetzung

That what attracts me from you, I don't know what is it,
I don't know what you have, but I want you to give me,
is inevitable, your shape is calling me,
looks healthy, your sweet look reclaims me,
I wanna know you deeply,
tell you the things that make me horny,
kiss you like a burning teenager,
I wanna bite your rounded ass.
Sex in the first look,
that was the desert which I guessesd,
I gave you the best from me,
you made efforts so it couldn't be seen,
you liked me, it's decided,
today you open yourself for me, you want sex with me,
and I bless my luck, how strong,
I achieve that you bring me to your flat with you,
and I go to see you naked, and to eat you raw,
to enjoy your art, to make you wet, to try all your textures,
to share craziness, positions, hard tortures,
your mouth is the purest drug,
I feel the slow movement of your tongue going through my clavicle.
On drugs due to the sexual desire,
super sensual sweet woman.
I felt that it was warm, but not a body,
so hot and so happy,
my pupils are drunk of you,
in your wet panties I sticked my fingers, happy,
I felt the vapors from your body, in my nose,
and I followed with that leg,
speleology, in a croch which was hosting me,
celebrating the day, of open doors.
Yes baby, you're in expert hands,
no, you don't know how good you taste,
you make fantasies come true,
let's unite our two halves,
half and half, half and half.

You don't know how good you taste
you make fantasies come true,
let's link our two halves,
half and half, half and half.

[To be continued]

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