Vogel im Käfig deutsche Übersetzung
von Hiroyuki Sawano

Vogel im Käfig Lyrics Übersetzung

The inner wealth of the people is
as colorful as light, broken to create color
this comfortable daily life is
like a warm candle shine

The long, green earth
The amount of amazing water
The great nature takes still takes care of our children

Hopefully, we will be able to understand it
We go to the other side of the horizon
Hopefully, we´ll be able to understand it
We go straight on

Everything living dies one day
If we´re ready to die or not
The day is going to come for sure

Is this the angel, who flew down to earth?
Is this the devil, who crawled out of an earth- crack?

Tears, Anger, Pity, Cruelty.
Peace, Chaos, Faith, Betrayal.
We will fight our destiny
We can not submit to our destiny.

With Sadness and Decisions in our hearts
we show our will to keep going
No one is allowed to give up their lives.

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