Labyrinth deutsche Übersetzung
von Hagalaz’ Runedance

Labyrinth Lyrics Übersetzung

A secret place I saw
In the forest, where standing stones sleep
The nightsong lead me to it.

Enchanted tree, which captures the eye
A whisper in entangled branches
Under the trunk, search under the trunk.

Dig with your bare hands
the earthen man climbs out himself
he shows you the path to the labyrinth.

Oh, there you gaze with wonder
as the spirits of the forest awaken.
"Do you know the riddle?" they ask.

There the path to the gate of stone
the ancient wisdom lays before you
your mind is the key to it.

In your dreams, you might remember
your true self returns to you
it was lost once in the labyrinth.

They locked the gate of stone
the path was burried by time
Search within you, open the gate.

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