Zu Hause ist der Tod deutsche Übersetzung
von Georg Kreisler

Zu Hause ist der Tod Lyrics Übersetzung

Come with me, beautiful Lady, to the Andes to Peru
I am free and my boat is around the corner!
Come with me, I show you Zulus
And the most beautiful Honululus -
But not at home! Because Death is at home!

Come with me, beautiful Lady, into the orchard of date palms
In the South Sea there is also an oversupply!
Come on let's fly to Kentucky
To Paris, to Nagasaki
But not home! Because Death is at home!

Death is every day with me for meals
He enjoys chatting with my wife
Washes the dishes and makes her steaming compresses
He has painted the kitchen new: grey in grey

And when I come, he gives me a drink
And before 9 o'clock he falls asleep in front of the TV
He loves Princesses, Pop singers, dogs
I do not want to be at home!

Come with me, beautiful Lady, come let's fly to Hawaii,
My pilot is waiting in the next room
Or would you think it's fancier,
In New York, in Costa Rica?
But not Home! Because Death is at home!!

The silence there is like in a grave
My living-room, is a labyrinth
There is a raven sitting near the kitchen-oven
And in the corner there cries an unknown child!

The pictures start shouting in the evening
The water-pipe sings the old melody
The Death sits there and munching on pastilles
One nearly enjoys seeing him!

I'm so afraid, I shake his hands
And say, 'Hi buddy, are you really well?'
He looks at me, and believe me, his eyes speak volumes
And my wife comes in and kisses me on my mouth

Come with me, beautiful Lady, all your wishes are granted
I grant you every offer!
Come let's fly to the South
To the most far latitudes
Let me kiss you under palms
and on Salzburg Alpine pastures
I'm at home everywhere, but not at home:
Because Death is at home!

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