Der Witz deutsche Übersetzung
von Georg Kreisler

Der Witz Lyrics Übersetzung

My friend Fritz told me
A good joke
Now my heart is heavy
The joke was really good
And I laughed a lot
Like I haven't in ages.

Blue meets Green
maybe contrariwise
And says "How are you?"
Green says to Blue
Or vice versa p'raps
"I don't have cash on me"

They say this and that
I don't know what about
One word replaces another
Then Cohen joins them
and he says something too
I forget what

Then comes the punchline
And that's what I don't remember
The joke was told. Fritz went off.
My heart was heavy

I shuffled home, depressed
Saying to myself
"Who'd've thought
That a friend of mine would -
maybe even on purpose -
make me feel so dejected!"

So, at the end of the day,
All I ask of you, my dear Fritz
is, when we meet again,
Tell me anything you like,
Just not a joke

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