Sado-Maso deutsche Übersetzung
von Georg Danzer

Sado-Maso Lyrics Übersetzung

(from the album "13 schmutzige Lieder", 2001)
Every Thursday at around five pm
the court councellor doctor Müller looks at his watch
tidies up his desk and leaves the office
because he has an appointment he really doesn’t want to miss
He walks towards his company car
and he has a hard time getting through the chaos of Vienna
he doesn’t visit his grandmother, no!
he’s going to see the dominatrix!
In the strict chamber of Marion
that’s where the court councellor doctor Müller yowls in a baritone
He forgets all worries and haste
when he lets her spank his plump ass
Stand over there by the wall in handcuffs
then go down on your knees and bark like a dog
And he groans and lusts in his leather clothes
And you can hear the whip crack!

refrain: Clappy clappy on the bottom, sado maso makes so happy
Kiss your mistress’s hand!
Sado maso, that relaxes!

When the torture hour is over, then
The court councellor doctor Müller looks into the mirror
And he feels exactly like a good soul
who just came from the confessional in church
His conscience is completely free of crap
because he forgets all his schemes there
whatever sins he may commit
he regrets them on Thursday!


Clappy clappy on the head – bad boy needs to go potty!
Drool, drool, lust and moan;
Sado maso is so good!


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