Wenn ich ein Turnschuh wär deutsche Übersetzung
von Die Goldenen Zitronen

Wenn ich ein Turnschuh wär Lyrics Übersetzung

For a chance to cross the Mediterranean,
Mediterranean, Mediterranean
I'd give the last of what I have,
What I have, what I have
It draws me because I must urgently,
Urgently, urgently
Cross over the Bosphorus,
Bosphorus, Bosphorus

When does my ship launch?
I have to get to Napoli right away!
Where all the dreams come true
I'll move there one day


Despite the sea-pirates
And the hardest border guards
Even if it's dangerous (hey)
Now I'm pushed in towards the coast


I'd cross over your fucking Mediterranean, if I were a sneaker
Or as some flatscreen shit - at least I'd have a price
There'd no longer be any delay for us
We'd come over ever quicker
I see the goods moving, without fleeing
They go by land
Go by land! As guaranteed delivery,
Rejection assistant,
Rejection dispatch,
Execution guarantor
Come give me your hand
Because today we celebrate!

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