Die alte Kaufmannsstadt, Juli 2017 deutsche Übersetzung
von Die Goldenen Zitronen

Die alte Kaufmannsstadt, Juli 2017 Lyrics Übersetzung

They were days out of control
Also out of the control of those
Who thought it would be okay
For the world leaders to take a city for themselves
Just like that
So much was clear
To the residents of the old merchant town
It really wasn't impressive
This reckless community of assorted charismatic bastards
There was a whisper and a groan across the city
Right after the announcement of the great idea
From both sides of the barricades

Those familiar knew what would happen
Only the mayor appeared to really believe what he said
Like how the harbour festival should go on
He and the other lackeys seemed unaware
Blinded by vanity and the prospect of fame
To smile in the cameras with world leaders

And it came as it had to come
In the end, everybody knew their role
Well orchestrated, everybody knew their role

The dialectically trained residents and this band
Just like the units, who,
Pulled together from far and wide
Could finally give their clubs free reign again
And who in the run up, in rowdy anticipation,
Played out occupying force

And those from countries whose so-called social cohesion
Is no longer covered by the warm coat of the promise of consumption
They simply wanted to set Mr Schäuble's furniture straight
If that was to happen in a neighbourhood
In which many are also discontented with how things go
That played here a rather subordinate role

They were joined by thrill-seeking hipsters
As well as people from the suburbs
Who would never have the bourgeois privilege
To hate the relations that made it possible for them
To live in a fancy period apartment
In a hip neighbourhood

They definitely had a score to settle as well
And finally an appropriate opportunity
To have a say

And it came as it had to come
Everybody knew their role
It came as it had to come
Everybody knew their role

The local comrades of the global struggle
Against exploitation of one form or another
They didn't let themselves be outdone
Even when some of them became anxious
About the great determination on all sides
As with most such events, it wasn't clear
If those, who act out this struggle in symbol-laden images,
Are really comprehensible to the wretched of the earth
Who, at such events, they always believe to speak for

The faces that one could see
Behind the black hoods and sunglasses
Were white, and mostly male
And they were mostly all those who believe
That the world leaders can be made to reconsider
Using fanciful masquerades and clever slogans
They were, proportionally, the majority
And so began the riots and games of re-enactment
Well orchestrated
So far, everybody knew their role
Everybody knew their role

Which demo is right for you? Right for me? Right for this band?
As far as the band is concerned: Welcome to Hell

Because: "The wealth of the few is hell to the others"
That much is still clear
We were the support act, we knew what we were doing

After that Thursday
Came the headline hunters in full force
Drooling as ever over the ultimate civil-war scenario
Drunk on the always identical images
Which were in the end delivered on time
And which only needed to be added
To the pre-written articles of bigoted outrage
Readily and supportively trumpeting
Every trick cunningly crafted by the police

What's missing from this story is hard to describe
Beyond the logic of the trenches
What this historical event, this space of absent routine
Did with the people who moved within it
Here the roles were not written in advance
Mostly cheerful, immune to the vandal propaganda
One was amazed by the situations that can result
When there's no predetermined pattern
A neighbourhood in which for a few days the cars were gone
Between the road-blocks
Parties with the greatest variety of people
Joyous use of space
A spontaneous rave for example, right in front of the old police station
A utopian moment, all the while a few streets over
Those images were being produced
Which so much work had been put in to

During which, the citizens of the better neighbourhoods
Hysterically told the television cameras
They couldn't understand at all
Where all this hate came from
Does their bewilderment not show
How completely their everyday lives
Seem spared of any violence at all?
And does it not show
That maybe this idyllic state is only possible
Because the absent violence has been displaced elsewhere?

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