Ein kleine Frühlingsweise deutsche Übersetzung
von Comedian Harmonists

Ein kleine Frühlingsweise Lyrics Übersetzung

A little springtime melody,
takes my heart onto the journey
out into the beautiful wide world.

There where the colourful flowers bloom,
there where white clouds pass in the sky
there's a house on the forest's edge.

Quiet, without worries, peacefully safe,
the world lies there in the sunshine.
Under ancient trees it is possible to dream,
into the golden day of spring.

All bees are humming quietly,
my little springtime melody.
Colourful butterflies flutter back and forth.

Nature on all ways,
strews the most beautiful blessings of blossoms
and the roses smell sweet and heavy.

But how soon has all this splendour disappeared,
which a beautiful day brought us in May.
As a cold frost has destroyed all green
in foggy grey hours in one night.

Long since all the birds on the branches have fallen silent,
even the moths no longer dance their rounds.
Even the old trees wrap themselves freezing in silence,
and the little flowers are feeling so sad.

There sounds very quietly, wisely
My little springtime melody
until the golden sun shines laughing.

And the flowers are blooming,
kids, the clouds are moving again,
and forgotten is the cold night.

Rejoice in youth,
take advantage of every hour
when the sun shines in May.

Seek beauty in life,
don't stand next to it,
for spring passes oh so quickly.

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