Ar Ryw Noswaith deutsche Übersetzung
von Carreg Lafar

Ar Ryw Noswaith Lyrics Übersetzung

On some night in my bed
All through the night failing to sleep
With that my thoughts are certainly
A contemplation of my journey

Call for a bowl and water to wash
With an expectancy that this will cheer me
But before putting a drop (lit. tear) on my cheeks
On the rim of the bowl I see Death

Go to the church to pray
Feeling sure he would not come there
But before I got up off my knees
On the end of the bench I saw Death

Go to a locked room to hide
Feeling sure he would not come there
But before the room was locked
Death came from under the earth

Go to the sea and begin to row
Feeling sure he could not swim
But before arriving by the deep waves
Death was the captain of ships

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