Eliza Grace Songtext
von Zach Gill

Eliza Grace Songtext

In a hammock hanging in between
Avocado and persimmon trees
We'll stare into the canopy
And dream of what's to come
Well i can't wait for you to grow
I'm gonna show you everything i know
Which isn't much, but even so
We're gonna have ourselves some fun
Eliza, eliza
Mama calls you ellie
Pretty and it's sweet
Like your dolphin feet

Blue jays bathing in a bath
Across the bridge by the ice plant
Lizards bathe in a sunny patch
And dream of what's to come
Evening bats go flicker flap
Snap up mosquitos, moths and gnats
In the fennel stalks a hungry cat
A dream of what's to come
Eliza, life is made out of love
And the mystery of it all
Is written on your shining face
Eliza grace

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