Parabellum Songtext
von Yutaka Yamada

Parabellum Songtext

I'm waiting, edge of my vision turn crimson
I watch the night fall
Pulse racing, blood running hot
My weapon are ready and drawn
I won't back down, i can"t turn back now
I won't leave without my victim's blood shed this time
I step back, seize the moment, and carry on
Changing im, I won't be beat
Running fast, my fingers shake, blood thirsting
And although might fall
I know that it won't be in vain
I light the flame, there's no escape
I won't be Defeated not once again
Even if i won't see the ending of this battle
I shout to the sky, i'm taking aim
I'll shoot for Victory even if it cost my life
I'd give it all, if only i would win
Glory shall be mine
The night turns to day
The dark recedes, yielding to light

The ashes aee falling now
I feel the tepid calm settle in
I know it won't last
I'm holding my Battleworn self
And waiting for the sky to turn back into blue
I feel the pain sinking in, telling me that i survived
I've lit the flame, i face the end
I feel relief as i walk through the downpour of red rain
I triumphed
I held out 'till the end, i Vanquished all my fears
As the sun rises, i await Daybreak
The fragile horizon Shattering
I know that this won't be the end
This is just the Beginning
Though my wounds, they ache
Blood drippimg down
I Crush the Voice inside me, holding me back
I can't escape this calling, bu I'm no longer scared
I'm Reaching out my hand to the sky
Searching on my own
I stand waiting

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