Liquor Songtext

Liquor Songtext

I'm lying awake again
It's dark all around just me on my bed
The smell of myself lingers
Alone bottles of liquor
Imma be up all night thinking 'bout the last time
I had something keep me warm and safe and sound at night
Yeah rollin' it up and smokin' is all that's by my side
Yeah try ain't goin' nowhere oblivion's here
He'll wipe it away, won't remember, no way
But you won't ever leave my mind

Yeah you
Can never leave my mind

Can we all fall deep in time?
I'm laying by your side
Feeling you on all night
Keepin' it shut away from me
All the lies from me, of me
Baby, lied
You're a liar
Feedin' me desires
See for yourself
He no ride or die for me
Ain't got nothin' for me
But you
Won't ever leave my mind

Yeah you
Can never leave my mind

Naybe we were somebody else
Maybe we were nobody
Maybe we want somebody else
Or just nobody
No, we are right for one another
No, not right for one another
Baby, baby, love is what you called it
Secrets are what we molded
Kept me insane is what you liked yeah

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