To Hear Your Voice Songtext
von Young Oceans

To Hear Your Voice Songtext

I hear the voice of revelation
The Spirit calls in Jesus' name
O Lord of heaven I embrace Thee
And in Your presence I remain
Take now these fears and reservations
Bury them deep within the fire
Grant me a holy desperation
And be the source of my desire
For You Lord, my soul waits
I'll cry out with endless praise
Day by day
I long to hear your voice
I long to hear your voice

I choose to walk beside You Jesus
Show me the true and narrow Way
Defend my heart when I am weary
And draw me home if I should stray
Pour out Your Spirit like the rain
Teach me to dance with You again
And like a child I'm unashamed
I'll be a fool ... for You
Yes I'll be a fool ... for You
Thou art the Author of salvation
O Lord it's written and its told
Your blessed words, our invitation
'Come to me all ye weary souls'

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