Into The Light Songtext
von Young Oceans

Into The Light Songtext

Into the light, you call me by name
Open these eyes, erase this shame
Make me a mirror, reflecting Your ways
Blot out the shadows, and pour out Your grace

Lord take my hand and lead me on
The narrow path, that Jesus walked
I won't stumble, No I won't fear
Even in darkness, I know You are near

Spirit of God, for You I will wait
Show me Your glory, pour out Your grace
Into the light, you call me by name
With every heartbeat, I'll seek Your face

You know I am thirsty, You know I am dry
Now lead me to water, sent from on high
Lord let me drink this heavenly wine
The fruit of the angels, the best of the Vine

Who then is this, Commander of rain
Ignitor of stars, and King of the waves?
Beginning and End, the Word made flesh
You say 'it is finished', so teach me to rest

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