Too Many Commas Songtext
von Young Jeezy feat. Birdman

Too Many Commas Songtext

Imagine riding through the hood nigga switches on the Phantom
Squares talking crazy 'cause them niggas don't understand 'em
Think about the square nigga, I just understand them
Niggas bragging on their pistol nigga I just tote a cannon

Half a million on the bricks I just bought a Phantom
Dark beef fountain and my cocaine mountain
Bought a the mountain bike just to ride through that shit
Gotta put my goggles on just to drive through that shit
When they come and serve me dinner, man, you know them bitches naked
Red tatted on their ass, you can see it when they exit
Marble floors, marble counters, chandeliers on the ceiling? on the penthouse, I bought the whole building
Tell them to re-up, so I met them on the boat
The Coast Guard tripping man I hope them bitches float
Know some real life niggas smoke diamonds indigo
When they praying for forgiveness they go and see the pope
Cross my heart hope to die Lord knows I seen the dough
Cross my heart hope to die Lord knows I seen the go
It's a heaven for a G nigga, hell for the sinners
2 tone chinchilla ballin' for the winter

All white drophead, copped it for the summer
Move 100 bricks, buy a crib for your mama
Watch your many enemies they all full of trouble
Count your money by the millions, way too many commas

Mona Lisa in the hall, 3 safes in the wall
2 iPhones hundred killers on call
8 car garage 10 grand for the landscaping
Ordered 10 pounds they'll be smoking like landscaping
Driveways a mile, man them killers on dial
Got a small army they move like the military
M16 we buy them bitches like them military
We know they trained to go tell them go and they're going
The dome look good man especially when it's pouring
And coupes look good man especially when their foreign
'Scuse me Mr. Jeezy yea we might just have an issue
We know you're checking in they cleaning out your own vault

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