Atlas Songtext
von Yaarrohs

Atlas Songtext

Pieces of glass
no eye can see through the past
without the winged

Stories of you
I hear these stories of you
when you were younger

Dangerous beast
you will feed at the feast
of your beloveds

Calm your wild tongue
I'll beat with the drum
while you sing it

If you'll take me
take me over
Take me Take me out
take me
take me over
take me take me out

/// God said you're on your way /// Take me out //

Sly and easy on the eyes
sweet melancholy
twisting in the night
your eyes were wet cream
darkened through
and I felt my skin reach
out for you.

you run back you run back
you run back you run back
you run back you run back
you're on your own
you're on your own your own

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