Save Me Songtext

Save Me Songtext

Fuck, fuck, fuck
We do it

Fuck, fuck, fuck
We do it
Fuck, fuck, fuck

We do it
Fuck, fuck, fuck
We do it

Fuck, fuck, fuck
We do it (×3)

Bitch nigga got a problem
He could see me
Look a like a dark knight
Off right, Black Dyke, Red Lips, Small bite
Beat the pussy like the line I ate the sun
Kiss the moon all night,

That percentage where we live
All this shit we take we live

I don't ever wanna live
Took his body to the trip

Fuck, fuck, fuck
We do it (×7)
Fuck, fuck, fuck

They ain't feelin' me God damn it I'm free
Snap on the beat
We play on repeat
It's Y-A-P if you don't know me
I'm the mothafuckin genius that make up this beat
What the fuck are we doing
These niggas lookin' real clueless
Fuck it lets do this my niggas is ruthless
Fuck with the kid get split like a doofus
I don't fuck with you or your crew
Mothafucka who are you,
Beat a mothafucker to my own damn shit
While this bitch light up my spliff woo
We da shit (that's right)
We da shit believe that woe
Come up in the buildin' and we see these foes
Then we leave with they hoes
Oh shit Lop Shomish Just fucked your bitch
Dirty slust just want my kids
Wipe ya mouth and blew me a kiss
Had to drop a number so I can fuck her twin
And then I fucked her twin
And then I fucked her friend
And the Tuesday fuckin nigga I die for him
Sacrifice for him (Yah)
Now I got my nigga yellin' save me
Then I got a bitch yellin' save me
But It's still fuck you plenty
Only ride for my niggas
Even if they Crazy

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Es ist ein nicht das save me von dem 17 Album sondern das andere

Das ist der falsche text, was das auch es ist nicht save me


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