Written in Stains Songtext
von X-Vivo

Written in Stains Songtext

Blackness flooding the room
My wrath awaits your skin
Mercy left my hands, to reveal the shrouded truth within
Your flesh ruptured by the cord, eyes jaded like the heart beneath
A shard of atrocity, dethroned and brought to its knees
Just one part of many, as the first step to take
A wall of apathy which I am willing to break

What's buried

Behind a veil of red, the lost will be found
A shifting paradigm, written in stains on the ground
Tear open your eyes and feel your own descent
Taste all you've inflicted, until you repent

How can you be so dead inside
Is there nothing you can feel
Distortion is all you've left behind
How can you be so dead of mind
Some are never meant to heal
The screams of the fading lights
Your guilt I will reveal

In this blackened void
There were two paths to take
Guided by your true essence
Deciding the end
Still I'm searching for your insight
But breathe your insensitivity
In your state of mind
The echoes would never fade away
Cause now I know
You are blind
And you won't see

I'm searching for anything than nothing, come on
So frustrating, intoxicating
What are you
This is killing me
This is killing you
In shattered silence
Written in stains

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