Legion Songtext
von X-Vivo

Legion Songtext

Time to harvest
We can smell you
This scent
Time to harvest
The fruit is ripe
There you are

What was washed on the shore today?
The forgotten fruit, the gone astray
You absconded to the brink of life,
outside of norms, but you have survived
A deviation is rather rare, a salient trait, we are aware
Eyes wide and without a veil, could you grasp our opus in all detail?
There is a way out of the misery,
be a step ahead, drain the false regret
Your kind is a minor tribe, are you wise enough to join our side?
Let the secret in your blood revolve, be our neophyte, dare to evolve
Let our thoughts intertwine, sever your roots, leave all behind

Without us, there's no sense, there's no clarity
Someone had to define a new hierarchy
Now it is your call to shake the hand that holds the reins
If you reject this gift, just bear in mind, you cannot stop this

Without us, we would not live in sanity
Someone has to refine this ideology
Now it is your turn to take the hand that holds the reins
If you oppose our will, be sure, we'll never stop!

We will never stop (We will never stop)

Now it's time to say, will you laud our name?
What is your price? we pay, freedom, safety, fame?
Or be one of the prey, an offering for the flame
We don't accept a nay

Come Accede
Or your path is dire, we adorn with striae
We turn bones to powder, to build up our dream
We sow to reap and devour, no sweet without the sour
You decide your fate!

I see a swarm of hollow eyes
Fingers wind around my spine
I was searching for the unknown
Now I'm on the ledge
In the deep, I view the darkened sea
And I feel the noise raining down on me

You want to know our name?
You want to know our name?

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