Talk to Ya Songtext
von Wiz Khalifa

Talk to Ya Songtext

Yeah. so i seen her from afar
Im sayin to her come over to the car
She like "You some kind of star"
Im like: naw naw naw, chill chiil"
Nam sayin thats that name.
I figure id put a little bit of this game all in her brain.
I told her i aint gone hold you, damn sure aint tryna control you, but ill mold ya.
she looked at me like she aint believe me
So i figure i show ya
said she never felt like this before
When im home we get it on. Im on the road she miss the ball
and you thick for sure know how to work them hips right
level with my swisher says i show her how to twist right
and when i gotta make moves she keeps her lips tight
tell her that the money stacked so she let me get right
and that sex get good on them late nights
nothin but thumbs up like a hitch hike
yes im the shit like
you aint never heard of
and you know how i do
act like you dont but now i learn ya
im talking about teaching ya
how about schoolin ya
go and do your thang gimme brains, ill tutor ya
so many of them lames
a real niggas somethin new to ya
now your tellin all your friends what i do to ya
but its cool ya know? I leave her spine broke
when im up inside, make her breath and hit a high note
Yeah, so im standin on the corner.
Shorty ride through. She pushed the whip like ya know?
Me and my nigga Wiz... blowing on that good im like...
We gotta stop shawty. See jump out...

And now i approach her
like whats your name
you get the picture shorty i really like your frame
that coke bottle shape and them asian eyes
your half black and half you aint gotta tell the guys
shit wonder why i approached her
i wanna get to know ya but i aint tryin to hold you
back from all your dreams and high hopes
you smell that mami
yeah thats real smoke
listen i got plans too
you know how your man do
ill get close before i try to cuff hands boo
Your for your latest shidd
yeah thats my favorite
room lit like vegas
he point like "pay them"
mami ya body amazing
lights off no cable
i found out she a mind freak like chris angels
bendin over tables, giving her all she handles
I swear to god her room sounded like this damn sample

Yesss, I seen my man Cad The Hustla over there on somethin bad
I mean bad. So i mean, i finish rollin up my weed
Hop out the car, i see a couple of little ones
over there lookin kind of lonely ya kno
Im sayin not preferably one, she looking at me
I seen her smilin and all that
like she know who a nigga is
So you know what i do, i walk straight up to her like...

Ey ey shorty i just wanna talk to ya
usually keep it moving but i had to stop for ya
and let you know any thing less than me is not for ya
no time to waste i got patience like a doctor do
and this may be a lot for you
so why dont you fall in
hit some of this weed and soak it all in
got game like the ball in
and we ballin goin state to state call me rawlings
look dawg i aint tryna start nothing
she laughed and said that you kinda star or somethin
im like nah im playin with you ma i'm frontin
they call me young wiz
get up in my car or somethin
we could talk about your day why im cigar stuffin
heres my phone give me a number that i can call or something
get you back to your crib and have the walls jumpin
screamin at the top of your lungs like...

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