Dot Dot Dot Songtext
von Wiz Khalifa

Dot Dot Dot Songtext

[Verse 1 - Wiz Khalifa]
King size papers, king size bed
N*ggas blow money but I'd rather keep mine instead
Roll something n*gga, blow something
Say you're ballin out of control
Let a n*gga hold something
Specially if you got it and he don't put his n*ggas on
Tell me what's the sense of even having it fo'
Cause when you're broke, you have everything to gain
When you lose it all, let you inhale half the vape
Do it for the taste
Usually I roll one up to pass it around
But now I smoke it to the face
Cuz chiefing with n*ggas is such a waste
Unless they my n*ggas, and 9 times out of 10
They got their own pound with them
Own pack of papers and filters, something to grind
We be smoking them things like 6 at a time
5 in the L, 4 breakin' down
3 in my head, 2 in my mind, n*gga

One rolled, one rolled, one rolled
I need more than one rolled.
One rolled, one rolled, one rolled
I keep more than one rolled.

[Verse 2 - Curren$y]
A bit of a pothead, it has been said
I keep one rolled up like LL's pantsleg
Full of life in this b*tch, though
I may seem half-dead
Trust me, I'm cool
I just ain't talking to you
And them checks coming through
Is just as I predicted
They got a bigger portion
Cause the Jets eating off bigger dishes now.
Ain't I the biggest fish up in this pond
Since life's a b*tch, tell her roll my shit up huh
Secret compartment in my car, James Bond
Though I'm James Bond, n*gga bread long
And my name known in e'ry home household
Caught them pussies slippin' tryna squeeze
In the mouse hole, that cheese is "nachos"
You are not chose by the gods
To live as we do, so play your role in the movie
Ain't no pause, no rewind
For no man, wasting time
So I ain't wasting mine
More grass, more green, more grind, n*gga I keep...

One rolled, one rolled, one rolled
I need more than one rolled.
One rolled, one rolled, one rolled
I keep more than one rolled.

[Verse 3 - Big Sean]
And these b*tch ass n*ggas
F*ck around, might have to b*tch-smack me a n*gga
Roll around with a bunch of get-rich ass n*ggas
Who the man? You ain't even gotta ask these n*ggas.
I'ma f*ck around and take these n*ggas' last 3 pictures
Man, these b*tches breaking their neck
Just to pass weed with us
We roll, get high, get drunk, more shots, reload
Too high, he knows, 3 more, C4, we blow
B*tch, how could you be so fine?
Shake that ass, she's so mine
Taking more double shots than free throw lines
I might hit like 3-4 times
They say "What the f*ck is you on?"
F*ck if I'm right
F*ck it, I'm on, you f*cking at home
Watching my ass, bet that I'm on
On my way to the top, and I'm coming along with...

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