The Heavens Are Not on Fire Songtext
von Wills Dissolve

The Heavens Are Not on Fire Songtext

The sky!
Fills with radiant bursts of death
Perilous night!
Of matters we can not understand
Glorious light!
Guide us on your omnipotent path

They fly!
Blaze of light ignite the sky
Holy curse!
Time's end is now at hand
Astral hearse!
The horseman four proclaim god's wrath

Gather ye faithful,
Look to the sky.
An empyrean blaze,
A celestial fire.

The stars of heaven
Fall to the earth.
Foretold by John
Revelation's birth.

The wicked shall flee
Before His advent.
Before our eyes
They shall be rent.

If we do not mind
These signs from on high.
As sure as we live
We'll eternally die.

Give in to your desire
Wade through the muck and the mire
This task of yours shall sire
Your eternal souls: funeral pyre!

Now the torches and rifles and swords will taste the heathen flesh
The crimson elixir it fuels our cause
Sever the heads cut out the beating hearts and bless the soil
Your kind will offend our Lord no more.

Sink the daggers in organs and crush the pitiful pagan scourge
We have cleansed ourselves of mortal flaws
Castrate the weakling flesh and cut and draw the useless corpse
A choir of angels sing heavenly score

Your time is nigh
Burnt to the ground
Removed from our sight

A portent of doom
The eternal fight
Ends with your tomb

The sinful must die
Gather your swords
For glory we fight

Succumb to the light
It is his will
This is our night

Open up the gates
Move forth into the fields
Enter the darkness, and the shade of night
Fulfill the holy purpose of God!

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