So Do Not Mistake These Ashes Songtext
von Wills Dissolve

So Do Not Mistake These Ashes Songtext

Release the lands from heathen's grasp
By the dawn the prophecy it will be met
May the lord bless this mission as we carry forth
The heathen blood will sully this land nevermore

Raze the thatch and cure the land
Curse the false gods and those that worship them
Your children were born unto this heresy
Their blood shall render us forever free.

Father hear our prayer
Deliver us from despair
We'll heed thy final call
Oh, heaven help us all.

Now the deed is done
In the name of thy Holy Son
We've passed your final test
And laid thy foes to REST!

Laid their camp to ruin,
Slaughtered them all,
And smashed of their idols profane!

The young, the old,
The women and children,
All of them were slain!

We've celebrated far too soon
Under falling stars and a pale moon
How quickly fortunes can turn

Gaze upon the hilltop
The wretched return

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