U Got Homeboys, We Got Homeboys Songtext
von Willie D

U Got Homeboys, We Got Homeboys Songtext

F/ The Lost Boys, Rasir X, Sho

"Ya know, I think these guys are different from the rest
The violent behavior displayed when dealing with their enemies
Is humanly inconcievable to people like you and me
Their lack of compassion towards men can only be rivaled
By the a gang of hoodlums lead bySatan himself
I can tell you this much I wouldn't wanna fuck with em"

Its lip talka from the motherfuckin lost boys
Rooster Park, 5th Ward
One on one you get beat down
Baby hurt got the 9 waitin to let off 12 rounds
You wanna start shit? Try it
I got niggaz on the north, east, south and west side
I'm lost motherfucker, I'm wicked
Up in yo ass is where a nigga might kick it
Flamingo is our hang out
We call it bloody 5th, ya get cha brains blown out
Big Iron got all streets sewed up
Come through Cally Court and get yo ass fucked
Ramin here got the car jack
And I'm Lil' back, I control on the phat sack
And them motherfuckin punks over here bitch
But if ya stack up I got back up
Bitch fuck your crew fuck your set
Fuck your posse fuck your click
We can take this shit to the morgue
You got homeboys, we got homeboys

Clock em, glock em
Drop em, Stop em

[Willie D]
Don't blame me for the motherfuckin slaughter
Nigga couldn't swim but he got into the water
Stuck his head in some shit, now he drownin
Like Bozo, I had to clown him
He and his boys tried to fold me
Called me to the square, but the square couldn't hold me
Now some were big and some were tall
But the bigger they come the harder they fall
God damn I ain't nothin nice
Fuckin with Will you fall quicker than Vanilla Ice
So all them niggaz that cha got witcha
Won't mean shit when I hitcha
With the pump, other assault weapon
"Didn't they ban that shit man?" Yeah, but I kept em
Wise up, gotta keep the ups
Its a must we bust in guns we trust
I can't fear another nigga G
Cause if he get smoked he gonna bleed just like me
My philosiphy is to hit em with the AK
So hear me when I say
Fuck your crew fuck your set
Fuck your posse fuck your click
We can take this shit to the morgue
You got homeboys, we got homeboys


[Rasir X]
Well it's 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 motherfuckers
Runnin with the ruckus, niggaz be tryin to buck us
With the bang bang boogey, shoot em up typa shit
When niggaz get buck wild, I'm your Clark Kent
Come for red don't bar none what cha brangin, whatcha brung
Its run yo run you gone pay for whatcha done
Cause Rasir X Ray don't sleep till he pull a couple a strings
Call for back up niggaz straight off the cut
Niggaz backed up for miles
Filed up in files, piled up in piles ooo honey child
What we did was a must, when my niggaz start to bust
Its, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
And I trust ain't the nigga to get stuck with
I'm one hill billy motherfucker you don't wanna fuck with
I'm still rougher in the hills with that Uncle Will
And this is how a motherfucker feel
Fuck your crew fuck your set
Fuck your posse fuck your click
We can take this shit to the morgue
You got homeboys, we got homeboys


Wise up, we don't fuck around
Yeah I got some niggaz that'll lay yo ass down
We ain't scared ta shoot, we all clockin loot
Fuck with Sho I'll dress yo ass in a funeral suit
And if you try to steal me then notify your next of kin
Cause you done stepped into a lion's den
Where all my niggaz bitin
You can draw a gun, pull a knife, or we can old school fist fight
It really don't matter
Cause when the shit hit the fan I know my niggaz won't scatter
They got my back to the end
Now you lookin around this bitch tryin to find a fuckin friend
But now it's too late
Plus I see some yellow tape
Nah, that's yo soul at hells gates
Fuck a 9 I gotta 37 shot clip bitch
You done fucked with the wrong click


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