You Are Water Songtext
von Wilhelm Tell Me

You Are Water Songtext

It′s way too loud
I cannot hear you
Something will tear me apart from you
The lights are out
I stumble on ghosts
But I never found anyone like you
I'm breaking my bones
Trying to reach you somehow
That′s when I lost my wings
Because I followed you towards the sun

And now I'm falling falling falling
I can't slow down
My feet can′t touch the ground
And now I′m calling calling calling
I'm calling on you
Hope that you′re still around

Oh baby I'm on fire
Won′t you come and stop the flames
Oh baby I'm on fire
Won′t you stop playing these games

There's a breath in your mouth
The one that's so cold
The one that can blow this fire out
You set my wings ablaze
When I followed you into the sun

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