Baby Girl Songtext
von Wiley

Baby Girl Songtext

She's my baby girl and she relies on me
Loves me too much, won't hide from me
She knows it's shit, I've got too many flies on me
Got spies on me, that's why I had the blacks do a nine on me

And one day, she'll be on the grind like me
Doin' music, spittin' on the hype like me
Eskigirl sprayin' on the stage like me
The first beats she makes will be 'Snowman Remix'
She can make beats like me

And when I play 'Stormy Weather' she gets mad
Put on a screw-face just like me
So I know she's got it, the gift I possess
Avoid the street mess and stay close to me
'Cause money's the key, I run around freely gettin' it
Just so me and you eat

She's daddy's little gal
Daddy's little gal

She knows daddy ain't washed up yet
'Cause I'm livin' in the studio, lost, upset
When I find myself after all this music
I'll be watching her performin' her set

She might wanna be a nurse or a vet
But I'll lop that off 'cause music's best
I cruise for the press like
Who's gonna make an album this good?
Daddy, yes

He's the best and it's two six now
Still no one's testin', most man are resting
I can't rest 'cause you're seven months right now
And I get a big pain in my chest

If I don't see you, I've gotta ring up and check
But one day, we'll receive a big cheque
And fly round the world, I'll show you revision
All I want in return is respect

She's daddy's little gal
Daddy's little gal
Daddy's little gal

And she loves Dada, there's no one above Dada
Dada stands for Big Dada
It's my duty, I'm back with a banger
I'm a real striker, not a goal hanger

You'll soon see Leah on a stage show banner
Leah, this money's too good by the hour
And it pays by the minute, live PA, that's why I'm in it
See I love money like Nana and Raymond, Patrick and Macca
Them man showed me how to be a stacker

And now I've gotta show you, school you
Throw you in the deep end
'Cause the world's gettin' madder
When you get old the streets will get badder
That's why you've gotta climb the musical ladder
She won't get clouded, just in the manor
I ain't sad, I'm happy I had her

Daddy's little gal
Daddy's little gal
Daddy's little gal

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