I Used to Complain Now I Don't Songtext
von White Rabbits

I Used to Complain Now I Don't Songtext

You've been away so long
Tell you what happened while you were gone
In your old neighborhood
All of your cousins were up to no good
They tear up the time
I know they used to complain how you never come out

Well, you laid out in the sun
But when winter came I forgot you had gone
I was young
So give me a break cause I don't
I stayed away
Then saw them sweeping the streets up on New Years Day

Round and round we go
Until you stop
And look outside
I'm just along for the ride
So take your time

You must be wondering
What happened to everything
These houses are fading fast
There is other towns like that
Common' it's not that bad
You've been there and back
I laid on the lawn, Lonnie was gone
I watched from the garden rows
You know I used to complain, now I don't

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