Your Picture Songtext
von Welshly Arms

Your Picture Songtext

I litt your sigarett
You smoked half of it
We left the park after dark and I
Walked you to the car
You know the rest of it
I shoud have told you
I've been thinkin of you
I took your number down
Couse you were leaving town
I called you up on the phone I thought you'd bee alone but you were not around
I would have told you
I was thinking of you
And I put your picture on my wall
So I could see you when I call
I could feel you around me, that's the love I found
I put your picture on the wall

Now what's been getti'n up
You let your head down
You thought you run around, leave this town, no one miss the love they found
That's not true
Now I'm tryi'n tell you
That I'm done thinking of you

Couse I took your picture of the wall
You'd only answer when I call
I never thought I'll fall this hard for a women with no heart
So I took your picture of the wall
(Screaming) oooooooooo
(Guitar solo)
I thought I was
The only one
I sharp bowed small's you
Don't just before NO
So I trew your picture on my wall
I'll never answer if you call
All this time I've been round some
Now won't you bow for me
I trew your picture at my wall

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