Run Right Out of Here Songtext
von Welshly Arms

Run Right Out of Here Songtext

I've been sittin' 'round thinkin' 'bout my time
And how nothin' ever seems to come of it
Then I wonder why I ever try
When all my seeds just end up dry

Pre CH:
I got my problems and I know that I don't want em so I should be moving on...

I gotta run baby, I gotta run mama
I just got to run out of here
I'm gonna run baby, I've gotta run and maybe
I'm just gonna run right out of here

You tell me not to sit around just thinkin' about this life I've had
But it's just so hard, to not
think about The good, the ugly and the sad
But lord Things have gone my way
I guess it's not so bad so why am I so mad

Let me tell ya - Pre CH:

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