Ain’t Supposed to Rain Songtext
von Welshly Arms

Ain’t Supposed to Rain Songtext

Walked through the doors of a happy home
Stepped right into find myself alone
I don't know why I feel this way
It ain't supposed to rain on a sunny day
Thought of my days as a younger man
There wasn't a lot that I couldn't stand
Well here we are
I chose this way
But we'll never be the same
Ran out the doors of my happy home
To find my soul lost years ago
Oh, but I don't know why I feel this way
It doesn't always rain on a cloudy day
Oh it's a cloudy day
Walked through the door to my home again
To find the shoes of another man
Well I can't change the choices I've made
And I sure can't stop the rain
I, I walked through the doors of my home again
Walked in, waked in
Opened the doors and walked right in
Walked in, walked in
Nobody's gonna take it away
The rain's gonna have to come another day
Oh yeah

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